Getting around: Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital: with a population of more than 10 million (and counting) has become synonymous with traffic jams, or “macet”, which are discussed endlessly and inevitably.

A Guide to Surviving Manila

A young, mobile Southeast Asian worker can reasonably expect to become familiar with the region’s capitals. One city that we at KRA have come to know very well is Manila – the capital of the Philippines. Or rather, (strictly speaking) Metro Manila, a conurbation of more than 16 cities and 13 million people.

The rise and rise of ride hailing in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a market of over 650 million people and its ride hailing sector is expected to be worth about USD20 billion by 2025. The industry is expanding to food and logistics and its rapid growth in the region is evident, but the pertinent question is: how can it grow sustainably?